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Human trafficking suspect appears in court

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HERNANDO, Miss. -- The man arrested on human trafficking charges involving a formerly missing teen from Frayser appeared in court on Wednesday.

WREG has learned Darnell Davis has a rap sheet that spans two states—Michigan and Mississippi -- and includes charges ranging from cocaine possession to assault with a deadly weapon.

Now authorities have added human trafficking charges to top it all.

According to the family, it all started when the teen agreed to meet Davis, who they say was possessing as a classmate.

"He had her come outside with the intentions that she was meeting a 17 year old that she went to school with. From there she was taken by a 31 year old," said Gina Hodge, the teen's mother.

Hernando Police said when they made the arrest they found Davis traveling with three young ladies; one of them being the 17 year-old reported missing from Memphis.

"There wasn`t a conflict or anything it was just a normal traffic stop. Once they identified the juvenile as the one that was missing, once we had a confirmed missing juvenile," said Captain Kyle Hodge with the Hernando Police Department.

The teenager`s family said Davis is a pimp who kidnapped her and made her drink alcohol.

WREG found that Davis served time for assault with a dangerous weapon and fleeing from police in Michigan until 2008. It appears after he got out, he made his way to Mississippi where he ended up doing more time for cocaine possession.

In 2016 he got out of jail on probation and he was in fact, still on probation when he was arrested last week.

The news leaves the victim's family feeling lucky they got to the 17 year old when they did.

"Thank God for the people who helped me get my baby back."