Cold, flu season picks up across the Mid-South

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CORDOVA, Tenn. -- As illness spreads across the Mid-South, forcing at least one school in our area to close, WREG spoke to doctors about how to keep your family from getting sick.

There are three you need to be worried about this time of year: bronchitis, norovirus and the flu.

"I've seen quite a lot of Type A influenza, mostly from people who didn't get their flu shots."

Dr. Jeff Mullins who practices in Cordova said it's still not to late to get one and it's something you should consider.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, there has been a noticeable uptick in flu cases in both Tennessee and Mississippi during the first two weeks of the year.

"It could be that people are getting out in the middle of winter for a little period, then all of a sudden gets cold again. We all go inside, we start exchanging viruses," said Dr. Shawn Hayden.

But it's the nasty norovirus that has Mullins most worried, especially in school settings where it doesn't take long to spread.

"It does run its course pretty quickly. It's just so darn infectious. It's just so contagious."

As always, doctors said you should was for at least 30 seconds. The same can be said for bronchitis. The best way to prevent the spread is to practice good hygiene and avoid anyone who's had it.

If you do get sick, doctors said make an appointment with your physician and then stay at home until you get well.