Boy, 4, helping Memphis chocolatier fund raising effort after crying fit spreads on social media

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Every kid likes candy, but for Kai Williams, 4, a specialty shop on Cooper Street has his heart.

He and his mom drove by Phillip Ashley Chocolates one day after school.

"I said, ‘Kai the store’s closed.’ The tears were like none I’ve ever seen before," mom Roquita Williams said.

Williams shot cell phone video of Kai crying in the car. She also called the store.

“She sent me a text and then called said, 'Hey we came by there. Kai is crying cause you were closed and he wants some chocolate. I said, 'Oh I’m here, so come on back,'” Ashley said.

Ashley opened his chocolate store just for Kai that day and a special relationship began.

So many people saw that video that Ashley decided to make Kai a model; he did his “Eat Your Heart out” Valentine’s Day campaign. Ashley is also using it to help fund raise throughout the year.

“Whatever I have to do to make this guy available and to help move your business forward especially with these events you sponsor for Le Bonheur and St Jude's. I'll be there to do that,” Williams said.

“We've probably have over 60,000 people either respond, like or share it," Ashley said.

Ashley said Kai would also be with him at St. Jude’s Spirit of the Dream fund raiser Thursday night.

That sweetens the deal even more, since Kai was treated at St. Jude as a newborn.

His cousin is also now a patient for life.

“In 2013 we found out my nephew had brain tumors, so he had to have brain surgery not once but twice," Williams said.

Williams says her son is enjoying getting paid in free chocolate, but most of all she hopes he learns an even sweeter lesson: the joy in philanthropy and community service.