NYE victim’s family not buying accidental shooting story

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It was a New Year's call Cornasha Henderson will never forget.

"The med called me and told me my brother got shot in the head. He was able to give my number and said call his sister. He stopped responding after that," said Henderson.

The victim, Muwani Dewberry, held on until his family got to the hospital but died, leaving his family to ring in the new year without him.

"My son has 4 kids. They took him away from kids," said Regina Searsessel.

On Monday, Lloyd Crawford and Anthony Ellis, the men accused of shooting and killing Dewberry, faced a judge.

Police said on New Year’s Eve, Crawford, Ellis and Dewberry were in the car together on Forest Brook Drive. Crawford told police Dewberry was accidentally shot as the trio tried to rob a man. His mother said she doesn’t believe that story.

"It was not an accident. They killed my son. It's cold blooded murder and they have to pay for that," said Searsessel.

For Dewberry’s family it doesn’t make sense. They said even if it was a robbery gone wrong, hearing that Crawford and Ellis drove some ten miles before dropping Dewberry’s body off on a sidewalk breaks their heart.

"Why did y’all drop him off on the street? Why didn’t y’all take him to the hospital? Y’all past plenty of hospitals," said Searsessel.

The family said they won’t rest until they get justice and more answers to ease their pain.

"I want them to get the death penalty.I don’t ever want them to get out."

The two were charged with reckless homicide, aggravated robbery and attempted first-degree murder.