Desoto officials discussing warning signs to deter crime

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DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. -- The DeSoto County Board of Supervisors is exploring the idea of putting up signs in the county to remind drivers they’re tough on crime.

This comes after two DeSoto County deputies were shot in the line of duty after stopping a career criminal and convicted felon out of Memphis back on January 25.

DeSoto County Supervisor Mark Gardner brought up the idea of signs to his fellow supervisors. Signs that remind drivers of jurisdiction boundaries.

"Just been some discussion going around about that with the county and the city about putting jurisdiction signs up and we’re tough on crime, we support our law enforcement. We back the blue," he explained.

Where the signs would go and what they would exactly say has not been determined. It’s also unknown how much they would cost, but Gardner said he’s already heard from some businesses willing to shell out cash to help out.

He also posed the question on his Facebook page. The response from the community garnered hundreds of likes and comments.

Sheriff Bill Rasco said for now he’s not for the signs, saying he has a good working relationship with Memphis and Shelby County and doesn’t want it to appear DeSoto County thinks all the crime comes from there. He said 71 percent of people in the DeSoto County Jail are from DeSoto County.

"I'd rather have more boots on the ground, that makes better sense than signs on the street," said Rasco.

Gardner said he knows a sign won’t end crime but it’s a start.

"Just a deterrent. I mean if it stopped one out of 10 from doing the crime I think it would be worth it. It’s kind of a multi-faceted approach we need to do other things."

The supervisors are expected to continue discussing the signs at their next meeting in a few weeks.