Orange Mound woman says she’s living a renter’s nightmare

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An Orange mound woman says every time she flushes her toilet sewage floods her backyard. She says it’s been like that for more than a month.

Everything Erica Nash flushes finds its way into her backyard.

"You can smell the odor from the manure and the pee and everything just smells real bad," said Nash.

Nash says on warm days the smell hits her the hardest and the stream of feces and urine runs freely throughout her back yard but it’s not just outside. Nash says her children can’t even take a bath.

"My son when he took a bath maybe 2 weeks ago. He said the manure and stuff was coming out of the drain so he just had to get out the tub," added Nash.

This is the aftermath, a sewage stained tub and one fed up mother.

Nash says she’s called the city numerous time and tried to get help from her landlord.

"He asked is the plumbing fixed and I told him no, he said the city will be there in the morning I talked to them," said Nash.

City worker showed up but told WREG if sewage is flowing behind the house it’s likely the landlord’s issue to fix, so WREG reached out to the property manager.

"Problem solver, you don’t need to know my name if we are getting the problem solved," said property manager, James Snipes.

He wouldn’t give WREG his name but Nash calls him James Snipes. He says he’ll fix the problem if the city can’t.

"If it’s still backed up we are going to get the plumber out there," added Nash.

In the meantime, Nash is left battling an issue that smells just as bad as it looks waiting for the day she can flush and not flood her backyard with sewage.

The property manager says he’s called two plumbers out to the property in the last month, but tells WREG he will continue to work to solve Nash’s problem because he doesn’t want to leave his tenant in an unhealthy environment.

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