Women react after police arrest neighbor for rape

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Deairo Shaw, 26, is accused of robbing and sexually assaulting a woman at the apartment complex they live at.

The victim told police she was getting out of her car early Tuesday morning when she was attacked.

Those who know the victim told WREG she’s physically OK but still shaken.

WREG uncovered more information about how police tracked down Shaw at the complex and more details about the gruesome crime he’s accused of.

Deairo Shaw

Deairo Shaw

A surveillance camera and the sick, twisted assault it caught in the parking lot of the Emerald Square Townehomes is what investigators say helped land Shaw in jail.

“I just seen a whole lot of police and detectives out there I didn’t know what was going on,” said neighbor Annetee Monger.

WREG discovered a woman told police she arrived home around 6 a.m. Tuesday. As she was trying to get out of her car a man, later identified as Shaw, approached her with a bandana covering part of his face. He had a gun. She told detectives he demanded she walk with him to the back of the complex. There he stole her money and cell phone. She said he began sexually assaulting her. When she tried to escape, he threatened to shoot her.

“Lord that is just scary,” said another neighbor.

The woman said before Sawyer left he told her to look away as he took off running. She called police, who pulled the surveillance footage.

Sure enough they tracked Shaw to his home in the same complex, yards from where the attack took place.
A police affidavit said they found Shaw inside, but that’s not all. They also found the bandana, gun, and the victim’s phone.

Neighbors are pleased the accused assailant is locked up. They’re thankful for the cameras but told me not being safe just feet from your front door is wrong.

”It shouldn’t be like that,” said Monger.

Before he was arrested Shaw also had a warrant out for a domestic violence incident.

Detectives said they’re now looking at other similar sexual assault cases that happened in the last few days to see if he could be responsible.

The attack at the complex happened next door to a gas station where there was a deadly shooting earlier this week.

Women WREG talked to said the recent events are reminders why they arm themselves.

Naketa Gilbert’s front door is feet from where police say the attack took place. She got emotional when she heard the news because she thinks of her daughters. She said she’s had a handgun carry permit for several years.gun

“I’m gonna make me hold on to that piece a little harder,” she said.

The Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security said that as of 2015 more than 43,000 woman in the state have a handgun carry permit. A breakdown for how many belong to women in Shelby County wasn’t available but WREG didn’t have to look far to find another carrier. Around the corner we met Dekisha Norwood.

“I work very late hours. I normally get home in the wee hours of the morning but I am licensed to carry as well,” said Norwood.

Norwood said as a woman she made the choice to be protected at all times.

“Honestly I say a prayer before I walk out the door in the morning and every night before I come home,” she said.

While the news of the attack in her complex makes her nervous it’s also a reminder.

“You have to be aware. I normally sit in my car for a few seconds before I get out, look around check to see if anyone is walking.”

It’s a reminder she wants other women to think about.