Vandals spray paint three Collierville schools

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COLLIERVILLE, Tenn. - Collierville Crime Stoppers are offering a $500 dollar reward to help catch vandals who put graffiti on three Collierville schools and one business.

Surveillance cameras at one of the schools captured a picture of one of the suspects, but investigators believe at least three people are responsible for the vandalism.

Collierville Police have posted the picture of the suspect on their Facebook page and are hoping someone will recognize them.

"Ultimately, we want to make arrests in this case and find out what the reason is behind the activity," said Captain Chris Locke.

Police say over about a two-week period, in January, the vandals hit the Collierville High School twice and spray painted the outside of the middle school and elementary school.

Some of the graffiti left was so graphic it had to be covered with a tarp.

Police don't think it's the work of gang members, but say they are taking the case very seriously.

"Graffiti is vandalism.  It ties up resources that not only have to be spent investigating, but from the schools perspective there is the cleanup," said Captain Locke.

The suspects are facing up to five counts of vandalism which could result in felony charges.

If you know anything call Collierville Crime Stoppers at (901) 457-CASH.