Seven-year-old boy discovers stolen money in trash can

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Photo: Thinkstock

SURFSIDE BEACH, SC. — A 7-year-old boy in South Carolina made an amazing discovery when he recovered stolen money taken during a recent bank robbery.

Griffin Steele and his father were on the way to Toys ‘R Us when they stopped to get a drink at a local gas station. That’s when he said he noticed an odd looking $20 bill on the ground.

The bill was covered in red dye.

The duo picked up the bill and took it inside to the cashier.

“I asked the lady at the register, ‘Can you use your pen and mark this and see if it’s real?’ And she said it’s real,” Shane Steele told WBTW.

But that wasn’t the end of Griffin’s discovery.  He discovered even more money stuffed into a nearby trash can.

“I threw it in and there was tons of money with red dye on it,” he said.

According to authorities, a bank had just been robbed mere hours before the discovery. Their suspect, they said, was still at large, but thanks to Griffin and his dad, the money was recovered.

In the end, Shane said he was happy to get the opportunity to teach his son a life lesson.

“The moral lesson for him to do what’s right and that will be the best path.”


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