Woman gives birth after being jailed to protect unborn child from heroin

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BESSEMER, Ala. — Back in September, a judge said a pregnant heroin addict in Alabama must remain in jail until her baby is born.

Alexandra Laird, 21, gave birth to a baby girl Tuesday, but her future is up in the air, Al.com reported.

Laird was first indicted in April 2016 after a daughter was born addicted to heroin. She became pregnant again and was arrested in September after authorities said she admitted using heroin while pregnant.

Al.com reported Jefferson County Judge David Hobdy issued the jail order Sept. 23, saying he was concerned for the baby’s safety. Laird had asked to be released on bond in order to go to a treatment facility.

She wanted to enter a treatment program where she could take medication to protect the fetus from opioid addiction. Prosecutors argued that she could receive treatment in jail and it would be too easy for her to leave a counseling facility.

Now that the baby has been born, Laird’s lawyer, Thomas J. Huseman, filed a motion to reinstate her bond and send her to a treatment facility.

She would be monitored by a doctor as she detoxes from Subutex, which she had been taking in jail to treat her opioid addiction. The plan is for her to go to a live-in recovery program following the detox.

The judge hasn’t yet ruled on whether Laird can get out on bond, but police said they won’t oppose it.

Her court date for the child endangerment charge is set for March 13.