Treveno Campbell takes stand in trial, accused of killing Officer Martoiya Lang

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Treveno Campbell says he threw his hands up and put his gun down once he saw the word "police" on an officer's shield.

"I'm looking at him, hoping he doesn't shoot me."

The officer with the shield, later identified as Timothy Goodwin, didn't shoot, but Officer Darryl Dotson admits to shooting.

Campbell says Dotson pulled the trigger after he dropped his gun. Goodwin, the only other person in the room, refused to testify or confirm Campbell's claim.

Campbell says on Dec. 13 he punched the clock at FedEx and then came home for the night only to have his sleep broken by chaos.

"I was scared to death, I thought someone had broke in, I thought someone was coming to do something to me."

In just boxers, he says he grabbed his gun to protect his home.

"You fired 11 times, I don't know how many times I shot, I was scared to death. Have you ever been a situation like that?"

Campbell says he never saw Officer Martoiya Lang as she waited outside for backup before entering his room.

"Did you see Officer Lang? ... Did you shoot at Officer Lang?" Campbell was asked on the stand.

"I never seen Officer Lang, no," he replied. I wouldn't do that."

He says he wouldn't have shot at the MPD veteran and mother of four and claims the raid changed both of their lives forever.

Campbell called Dec. 14 a gift and a curse. He says it's his mother's birthday, but now it's one of the darkest days of his life. He says the money found inside of the home was for her gift.