Racist symbol, remarks spray-painted in Hughes

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HUGHES, Ark. --"We`re a very strong community."

Just 1400 strong, the people of Hughes, Arkansas say they mostly stick together.

"We`ve been faced with a lot out of different challenges."

Especially when they catch a glimpse of their latest challenge, spray-painted in bright red letters on the outskirts of town.

"It was nerve-wrecking when I woke up and saw it," said Horace Robinson.

A building was recently tagged with swastikas and racist words just feet from Robinson's home on Shannondale Farms.
"I think it`s some kind of crank, playing around. It ain`t no threat to me or the guy next door. We just look at it and laugh about it."

The St. Francis County Sheriff's Department isn't laughing.

A deputy said they're now investigating the messages which first popped up Wednesday morning.

"No one should think that that`s okay. Hatred it never okay," said Lincoln Barnett with the Hughes Community Action Network.

Barnett said he wants to see the graffiti gone.

Robinson would too, but in the meantime, he just wants the vandals to know exactly what they are.

"Whoever did it, I just say they`re cowards. If you gonna do something like that toward me and my neighbor, I think you should be man enough to just come and see us."

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