Medical facility receives threatening note: ‘We’re gonna blow up all of you refugees’

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AURORA, Co. — Employees at a Colorado community center are shaken after someone made violent threats against them.

The Mango House provides medical and educational services for refugees, so they were shocked when someone left them a typed note that read “We’re gonna blow up all of you refugees.”

“There’s no hatred here. We love each other. And we will stand up for each other,” said Carolyn Anello, a dental hygienist at Mango House.

“It makes me want to stand up stronger and say no. These people are kind and loving and if you get to know them, you will get to love them, just like I do.”

She said many of the people who get assistance from Mango House have fled from strife and civil war. Moving from their homeland wasn’t necessarily a part of their life plan.

“Lots of people come. People want to be integrated into American society. They love it here, they appreciate the freedom that they’re given here.”

Aurora Police said they are investigating this as a hate crime, as the people who work here ask for empathy and acceptance of others.

“The thing that matters in life is pretty much showing compassion to each other. Without it, this world is just more evil and more dark.”

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