Dallas teacher suspended over video showing water gun ‘assassination’ of President Trump

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DALLAS, TX — A high school teacher is being investigated after a video surfaced of her appearing to threaten the president with a toy gun.

She pointed what appeared to be a water gun at the image of President Donald Trump projected on a white board.

Art teacher, Payal Modi, has now been seen by countless viewers across the internet.

When Adamson junior Leslie Jaimes saw news cameras outside her school, she had a clear message for them.

“Justice for Modi, that’s what I said,” Jaimes said.

She was in Modi’s second period class on inauguration day when her teacher pulled out the water gun she had taken from a student.

“Trump came out, and she shot at him, but like it was just a water gun. It’s no big deal,” Jaimes said.

She said most of the people in class took it as a joke.

When the school district discovered the video on social media, it placed the teacher on administrative leave.

In the video Modi yelled out the word “die,” but Jaimes said that it was a joke.

Senior Briana Castillo said she sympathized with the frustration she saw on display in the video, but agreed that Modi crossed the line.

None of the students said they wanted Modi to lose her job, but for now the teacher’s fate isn’t clear.

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