Binghampton neighbors on edge after creepy overnight break-in

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Neighbors on Princeton Road in Binghampton were worried Friday after their neighbor told them someone broke in overnight while she was sleeping.

They said he didn't take anything, but did break down the door.

The woman said she only found out because the resident across the street had a home video surveillance system installed.

“They went in the house, opened some doors, didn’t wake the tenants up. I don’t know what happened,” landlord Travis Tines said.

He said the man left the home and was captured on another neighbor’s home surveillance video system.

“He took some things out the house, but it didn’t wake her up. Didn’t say anything. Came outside, stood in the street, smoked a cigarette and walked off,” neighbor Nancy Herron-Green said.

“That’s when the nerves started getting on edge,” Tines said.

Herron-Green lives across the street.

She said she believes her home could have also been a target.

Her daughter told WREG what happened.

“It sounded like something trying to open our window. That’s when I hurried up, got out the restroom and I told my parents,” said Derielle Herron, 13.

“My husband was home, he came outside to look around, didn’t see anything so we just left it alone," Herron-Green said.

Now, the mother and wife said she’d make sure the doors stayed locked.

"Its scary not knowing if they plan on coming back," she said. "Do they know her? What were they trying to do?"

Police said they did not have any reports of a break-in at the Princeton Road Address this week.

The victim said she did contact police.

It was unclear why they did not have a report.

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