Attorneys talk about what led up to Officer Lang’s shooting

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Marijuana, money, and scales but defense attorneys say that doesn't sway their argument.

"In opening statements we told the jury that Treveno Campbell thought his home was being invaded and he didn`t know it was police," said Defense Attorney William Massey.

They're sticking with the argument that Campbell fired shots out of fear, not hate, and Campbell didn't try to take Martoiya Lang's life.

"He was defending himself. He shot through the door."

Massey painted Campbell out to be a hardworking FedEx employee who came home from an overnight shift only to be snapped out of sleep by intruders.

The prosecution tried to point out that Campbell was up to no good and showed the jury their proof.

"And based on your experience as a law enforcement officer how is it packaged?"

"Packaged for sale," responded Crime Scene Investigator Charles Cathey.

Among the evidence, prosecutors showed pictures of broken down cars with dope in the dash board.

All of this while a mother`s life was cut short and one man`s freedom hangs in the balance.

While nothing will bring Lang back, her family hopes each piece of evidence laid out brings them one step closer to peace.

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