Tate County records 11 break-ins in January

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TATE COUNTY, Miss. -- Neighbors in one North Mississippi County are warning each other via Facebook to watch out for burglars trying to steal your stuff.

There have been 11 break-ins this months and some of them happened in broad daylight.

Two weeks ago, Rebecca Dickerson's door was pried open and her house ransacked.

"A couple of TV's, my laptop, even my wireless printer, a ring and pistol."

Rebecca said the items cost about $1,600 total.

"It frustrates me to know that they're taking things from hardworking people."

James Hamilton lives just 15 minutes down the road. His house was also broken into last week.

"I knew something was wrong because my light was off cause I always leave my light on," he said. "When I opened the door my 50 inch TV was gone."

Now both homeowners are taking steps to make it tougher for burglars to steal their belongings.

"I'm thinking about getting me a camera put up somewhere. They don't know it so when they come in they won't know where that camera is and catch him."

Investigators said they are not sure if all the burglaries are connected.

Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Tate County Sheriff's Office at 662-562-4434 or call the Tate County Crime Stoppers anonymous tip line at 662-301-1111.