Officer recounts moment he shot Treveno Campbell

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "Shots were fired boom, boom, boom."

It's the sound that sent Sargent Darryl Dotson ducking for cover.

Sgt. Dotson chocked back tears thinking about the moment he stared Martoiya Lang straight in the eyes after she was shot and then came face to face with Treveno Campbell.

"I observed Lang with her leg in the doorway laying on her back and not moving," he said.

As he dove deeper into the darkness of just how chaotic things got that December day on Mendenhall Cove, the tears fell faster.

"The defendant, later identified as Treveno Campbell, inside of the room with his weapon pointed towards me."

Dotson said he took one look at the barrel of Campbell's gun and pulled his own trigger.

"I shot him."

"How many times did you shoot him?"

"Two to 3 times," he said.

He told the courtroom he fired each bullet with a purpose.

"He fell to the floor and his weapon fell out of his hand and I yelled for someone to get Lang out of the door."

The purpose of protecting and trying to save one of his own.