Witnesses recount day Officer Lang was killed during second day of trial

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An emotional second day in the Treveno Campbell trial as law enforcement officers were forced to recount what happened the day Officer Martoyia Lang was gunned down in an East Memphis home while serving a search warrant.

"All of a sudden pop, pop, pop, pop."lang-3

It's a sound Officer Louis Mobley said he will never forget.

"I see Lang fall back and her leg falls back up under her and I hear her wince."

The only cry for help that examiners said Lang was able to make after being shot at least four times.

"I don`t know where the bullets are coming from-- I don`t see anyone in the hallway."

Mobley said he didn't see who pulled the trigger, but said Lang was waiting on Officer William Vrooman to enter Treveno Campbell's room when she was riddled with bullets. Vrooman wasn't in the hallway yet, but was also shot during the raid.

When officers entered the bedroom, Campbell was crouched in the corner. He was held at gunpoint as officers used Lang's breast plate to pull her from the room.

"When I got there she wasn`t breathing and she didn`t have a pulse," said Nicholas Schmall who served as a Millington firefighter at the time.

lang-4Members of the drug raid team said they grabbed a knife and used it to cut the vest off of Lang in order to start CPR.

WREG also spoke to Campbell's family who said he is not a monster. They said he was in the process of going to school to become a paramedic to help people.

His attorneys said he had no idea officers were entering and opened fire out of fear.

Treveno Campbell has been charged with first-degree murder and could face life in prison if convicted by a Shelby County jury.