Tips for preventing deposit forgery

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Photo: Devrim_PINAR/Getty Images

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A string of forgeries is happening across the Memphis area.

Police say thieves cashed fake checks in areas like Raleigh, Downtown Memphis and beyond.

Memphis Police are working to fight these kinds of crimes in their Economic Crimes Bureau. That team tries to catch crooks wanted for forgery and fraud.

The officers have this advice to check writers:

“You want to get gel ink. Gel ink is going to be very difficult for someone to take whatever you have written with regular ink and whitewash it. Whitewash is when you get a solution and you’re going to take the check or whatever you wrote it on, dip it in solution and totally erase what you wrote on the check,” Linda Harris Gregory with the Memphis Police Department said.

Investigators also recommend you check your credit report every six months as well as your accounts if you bank online.

They also said don’t just throw away documents with your personal information on them — put them through the shredder!