Grandmother, 72, grateful to be alive after grocery store carjacking

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Ethel Wade said she was grateful to be alive and unharmed after someone carjacked her around 2 p.m. Monday in the parking lot of Kroger on Frayser Blvd.

The 72-year-old said she had just put her groceries in her car.

“That’s when this guy grabbed me from the back and he said, 'Do as I say,'" Wade said. “I had my keys in my hand. He snatched the keys and reached around me to snatch the car. He pretty much used me for a shield."

At the same time, Kroger employee Phyllis Yancey was returning from a lunch break.

“That’s when she held on to the door trying to keep him from backing up. He backed up she had to let go. That’s how he ran over her leg,” Yancey said.

stolen-carShe also said an unknown Good Samaritan came to help. He tried to save Wade's car and fired a shot at the criminal.

“He tried to open the door of the lady’s trying to get the carjacker out. But he couldn’t so he shot into the car,” Yancey said.

Police said they didn't know if the bullet hit the carjacker.

The man drove off with Wade's silver Dodge Magnum, with Tennessee license number 071VVF.

Wade went to the hospital, but she said she didn’t have any long-term injuries.

And now, Wade is looking at the positives; she’s alive and planned to keep going to Kroger on her own.

"But next time I go out I’m hoping I have something with me," she said. “Get a little more strength in this right [arm]!"

Wade said she never saw her attacker in possession of a weapon.