Neighbors remember Covington man killed in home invasion

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COVINGTON, Tenn.-- WREG is learning more about a father killed in a Covington home invasion.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said Timothy Edwards was killed when three masked men entered a home off Douglas Road around 6 p.m. Thursday. Another man has been hospitalized in Memphis.

The TBI said so far no arrests have been made.

After the chaos and flashing blue lights, on Friday, shreds of crime scene tape and the memory of Timothy Edwards, known as 'Blue' remain.

"He`s a father of four kids. Didn`t bother nobody. Work, go home that`s it," said one woman who knew him, but did not want to be identified.

The Tipton County District Attorney asked the TBI to help solve his murder. Agents said Edwards was home with his wife off Douglas Road, when three masked men, broke down their door, storming the home.

"She had to hide up under the bed. She had to hide under the bed."

Officers nearby heard the gunfire. When they showed up they found another man, Armani Hall, shot in the street. Edwards was dead inside. It`s not clear if Edwards knew the masked men or Hall or what a motive is.

"It`s pretty quiet. Everyone knows everyone around here we have children playing," said neighbor Jacquita Sanford.

Those who knew Edwards said he was a big part of their community.

"Blue as we call him, Fourth of July he puts on a fireworks show. He been putting on fireworks show the last two years and birthdays, there`s a lot of birthdays in April, everyone comes together," explained Sanford.

However as they come together now, they`re in mourning.

"It should be an eye opener for all cause life is so precious. You could live it one second and it could be gone the next," said Sanford.


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