Memphians tell us what hopes they have for 2017 in light of Inauguration

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- People showed their passion on Friday both for and against Donald Trump being our new president.

There have been multiple events from students walking out of class in protest to a planned march against hatred at the Robert R. Church Park.

WREG wanted to see how people in Memphis felt, especially those just quietly walking the streets.

So, we took to downtown Memphis and posed a question on a board of paper: "Inauguration 2017: What hopes do you have for our future?"

And soon enough, Memphians gave us answers.

The first person wrote, “for the country to become united.”

“For everybody to come together again because I feel like everything is so based on nationality and race and I just want everybody to be one," said Emily Ebbs.

Others focused on financial gain, whether that’s better paying jobs, better job opportunities for college grads or no student loans.

Some people asked to give Trump a chance and expressed the confidence he’ll make this a better country for everyone. While others wrote "Obama 2.0" and "impeachment," telling us they’re saddened to see Obama leave and scared for what’s next.

There were individual hopes (one expecting dad wrote he hopes for a healthy baby) and ones for Memphis, such as a stronger police presence.

But all political opinions aside, we quickly noticed what many of you want to see.

There it was again and again: Peace.

“I think we need peace in all areas, political, financial, spiritual, the country just needs to come together and be one," said Lynn Jackson.

Many told us they’re sick of the controversy, the hatred and the judgement, and said despite who you are or where you came from, we deserve to feel together in the city of Memphis.

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