Previously conjoined twins continue therapy, now sitting up on their own

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's hard to believe just a few short months ago, Miracle and Testimony were joined together in the lower half of their bodies, their pelvises fused together.

"After the surgery, they recovered so fast we give God the glory," said the children's father, Sam Ayeni.

In November, the two were separated during a tedious 18-hour surgery.

Now they are out of the hospital.

"Last week the doctor said, 'I think it is better to be in the house than be in the hospital premises."

The twins are not walking or crawling yet, but they are sitting up on their own.

twins"It's going to be step by step. They are not used to, they have not done before."

The girls' parents said there are no surgeries planned in the near future, but they're getting plenty of physical therapy.

"I know they are doing great, the girls are great and God will continue His work in their life," said Mary Ayeni.

The Ayeni family plans on staying in Memphis for the next couple of months. Beyond that, they said they would like to remain close to the area for medical reasons.

"We would like to be more closer to the people who know much about them," said Sam.

Both parents said they are just thankful their girls are happy and healthy.

"Like this morning I woke up and they way they were playing I was so excited. I was dancing," said Mary. "This time last year we were just confused, but now God has changed everything and we give glory to Him."