People of all religions come together to pray for nation

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. — With just one day until the inauguration of President-elect Donald Trump, a diverse group of Memphians came together to pray as one.

Clergy of the Muslim, Jewish and Christian faiths all joined hands, speaking and singing with the dozens of people who came to pray. Those who stopped by said they were comforted and empowered.

“To say, for many of these people, here`s a person who opposes me but for whom I want the best and pray good things. I think that`s a powerful gesture of humility and kindness,” said Evan Mann.

“You’re not going to be able to divide us by tongue, by color, religion, by way of life, by whatever you are. We’re going to stick together,” added Dr. Nabil Bayakly, with Muslims in Memphis.

“To have this combination of lay and also clergy as well as scholars like myself, this was a great opportunity. Absolutely what need to move forward,” said Rev. Dr. Paula McGee, with the Memphis Theological Seminary.

They say the Memphis interfaith community is strong and will always look out for each other.

The event was organized by a group called Together We Pray. They said they plan on having more events in the future.