Residents still dealing with sewage issues at Hickory Hill apartment complex

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --It's a sight that smells even worse than it looks, and now families are being forced from their homes by the smell of feces. Some are even being left holding the mop in the nasty cleanup process.

"You just got old urine and boo boo than just set up," said resident Keishana Livingston.

"It's like they ain't trying."

The sewage spill first got WREG's attention last week, but the laundry list of problems pushed us to press Hillview Apartment managers for answers.

"What are you guys doing about the water or sewage issues? Do you have a plan for that?"

Just like many residents, our questions went unanswered.

"Do you have any response at all?" WREG's Troy Washington asked before the door was slammed in her face.

From backed up plumbing to not a drop of water, residents told her they're fed up.

"It's been doing this for years, this my second or third time moving here and it`s the same situation every morning the water is off," said Anterio Hoover.

The apartment complex did tell residents that they would be doing a major plumbing project throughout December, but it`s now January and residents said they are still left in the dark.

"I get up and I be wanting to cook, feed my kids, clean up and you can`t because the water is off."

Livingston said it's so easy for the complex to look the other way, and added the festering problems are breeding violence.

"Crime is ridiculous. Everyday somebody getting shot. You never know when someone will come through shooting."