Police: Man shoots up Bartlett home after girl’s dad confronts him

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BARTLETT -- "Angry. You know? Afraid."

Arthur and Kathryn Thornton told WREG they knew an unwelcome guest was in their home last Tuesday. Their 16-year-old daughter, they said, was acting suspicious.

"She's worried that daddy's still looking."

They said a grown man, 19-year-old Christopher Whitten, jumped out of their teen's bedroom window.

The Thorton's told WREG Whitten tried to date their daughter a year ago, but they told him to stay away.

The concerned parents said they're surprised to learn the relationship has resurfaced.

"Went down the front of the sidewalk and saw him on the side of the house," said Arthur.

Surveillance cameras were rolling as the girl's stepfather confronted the Whitten.

"I said 'You've got three options -- I can kill you and leave you where you stand, I can call the police, or I can just let you walk,'" Arthur said.

Police said Whitten walked away, but came back moments later and fired several shots into the house.

"He shot up my house. Five times," the father said.

Officers in Bartlett said after the shooting, Whitten went on Facebook and contacted the girl saying "Sorry" and "I regret it, but it's done."

"It could have been a lot different. It could have been a lot worse. I could've been burying my husband. I could've been burying my 14-year-old. Or somebody could've been burying all of us."

Police said Whitten is on the run tonight, but that hasn't stopped him from contacting the teen. He's reached out to her, asking her to drop the charges.

He's reached out to her, asking her to drop the charges.

Another man who was in the car with him at the time of the shooting has been taken into custody.