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Affidavit: Suspect went to victim’s mom’s house after fatally stabbing boyfriend

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- An 18-year-old woman is in jail after police say she stabbed her boyfriend to death in the Westwood area.

Destiny White was charged with second-degree murder in connection to the death of Torey Gillard.

Detoria Hamilton said she`ll always remember the good times she had with her dad.

"We used to sing and rap," said Hamilton. "When he used to pull up in front of my door, we used to rap and sing and laugh."

Gillard, 47, was a church deacon and a security guard at a butcher shop.

"He was a very hard worker trying to take care of his family," said his father Andrew Gillard.

Court documents said his girlfriend, White, stabbed him multiple times Monday in front of his 14-year-old daughter.

Police said they responded to the house on Maumee Street right after 3 p.m. where family said the victim died in the kitchen.

The affidavit said White went to Gillard's mother's home a few doors down and told her she`d stabbed him after having an argument. It added the suspect then went back to the house, where the victim`s daughter hit her in the head with a blender.

"I do not know what happened," said the victim's father. "I do not know the reason why it happened."

Records show a history of domestic violence between the suspect and the victim, and family said police were there last week.

"My dad was a good person," said Hamilton. "He made mistakes; we all have, but he was a good dad. He was a good person."

The victim's father said he wants domestic violence to end and is using his faith to help heal the pain White`s accused of creating.

"She's forgiven," he said. "In my heart, she's forgiven because the word of God says you must forgive in order to be forgiven."

Torey Gillard leaves behind nine children.

White has a court appearance scheduled for Wednesday.