8 shot at Miami park while celebrating MLK Day

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Photo: CBS Miami via CBS Newspath

MIAMI — Eight people were shot in Miami while they were celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day at a park.

It happened at Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Park, CBS Miami reported.

The victims’ ages ranged from as young as 14 to 30. A food truck vendor at the scene said several were probably teens.

Two of the eight victims were only grazed and are already back with their families.

Three people were transported to the hospital, but other victims went their on their own.

At least two of those people are in critical condition.

Police believe there were two shooters, and both are in custody.

Police have not determined a motive for this shooting yet.

“I don’t know what happened. Just a lot of shooting and we had to pack up and go,” one person told CBS Miami.

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