7-year-old boy saves family from house fire

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KENNER, La. -- DeShawn Labarriere is like any typical 7-year-old, just ready to play, but it's what he did early Saturday morning that's got friends and family calling him a little hero

"A lot of fire started before I woke up."

Deshawn's mother Brittany Labarriere explained that she had dropped him off at the baby sitter's home around 10:30 Friday night. Around 3 am is when she got a call that there had been a fire.

"Words can't explain; thank God I live right around the corner," said Labarriere.

"I saw the smoke and I smelled it," said little Deshawn.

He said he was sleeping on a sofa on the wall where the fire started.

"I thought I heard like fireworks, but who could shoot fireworks late at night like that? It was fire."

So he says he got up put a blanket over his head to protect himself and began waking everyone up in the house to them out.

"Banging on the door so hard that everybody woke up and then we ran outside."

Labarriere believes her son had a guardian angel.

"I know my dad was with him, my dad was there."

Her father was Lt. Joseph Labarriere -- a Kenner volunteer firemen for 30 years and a harbor police officer for 35 years. Less than a year ago he passed away of lung cancer.

"My father always instilled fire safety and what to do in case of an emergency."

Kenner Fire Department Chief John Hellmers said he's glad to see a legacy of safety being carried on by his late friend's grandson.

"It's rewarding for my men and women of the department to know the importance when they're out teaching fire education, that is really our best to do as fire prevention," he said.

Five lives saved by a 7 year old who listened to those lessons.

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