Memphis teen raises over $30K for college after she says parents denied support over interracial relationship

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Photo: Allie Dowdle/GoFundMe

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — A GoFundMe campaign from Memphis is going viral.

In just three days, Allie Dowdle has raised more than $30,000 to pay for college.

Dowdle said her parents decided to no longer support her future because they were angry she was dating a black man.

Dowdle said when she first told her parents they were dating, her dad told her she could never see him again because of his skin color.

She said they continued to date behind her parents’ backs, and when she approached them again about it, she said they took away her savings, car, phone and education.

Dowdle said she received some scholarship money and loans, but she was still $10,000 short in covering the costs of her first year.

Looks like she’ll be able to go to college — more than 1,000 people donated three times that amount.

The campaign has received mixed reactions, with some praising her for not backing down on her beliefs and others criticizing what they perceived as entitlement.