Osceola man accused of sexually assaulting girl

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OSCEOLA, Ark. -- An Osceola man is behind bars, accused of inappropriately touching a young girl and giving pornographic materials to a boy while entrusted with their care on New Year's Eve.

Authorities arrested 51-year--old James Johnson inside his home last week. His ex-girlfriend was there at the time officers took him into custody.

"That morning when the police came and got him I was sleeping. I woke up and the police had him in handcuffs," she said.

At the time, she said the two of them were in a relationship, but broke it off when police showed up at the door.

"It`s sad. I hate that he`s locked up ya know what I`m saying?"

According to investigators, Johnson inappropriately touched a girl and showed her a pornographic magazine.

On Tuesday, they could not tell us how old she is.

The suspect was the only adult in the home at the time.

The victim told police her mother and aunt were at a New Year's Eve party. Two other boys were apparently in the house at the time. Police said Johnson then gave one of them the magazine.

According to records Johnson has faced criminal charges in the past, including unlawful vehicular invasion in Illinois. He is not listed in the sex offender registry there or in Arkansas.

However, we were told he had just gotten out of jail a couple of months ago.

His niece, Latrice Johnson, said she`s having a hard time believing the accusations.

"It`s very sad and hurtful."

She didn`t feel comfortable showing her face but told me she hopes her family can get some answers.

"Just want to know the truth and get justice."

Johnson was taken to the Mississippi County Jail where his bond was set at $120,000.