Case closed in sex abuse allegations against former city employee; accuser speaks out

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- The city of Memphis says an employee accused of sex crimes dating back 18 years is no longer works for the city.

Three men filed police reports back in November. Tonight the city says the case is closed but one of those accusers is speaking out.

Christopher Carwile's last day at the Benjamin Hooks Library was January 6th.
He had been on paid administrative leave since November 14th.

Tonight one of his alleged victims is speaking out after hearing the case is closed and the Shelby County DA's office is not prosecuting due to the statute of limitations.

"I think there are certain crimes that don`t need to have a statue of limitations," said accuser Kenny Stubblefield.

Kenny says he remembers everything.

"I was 16 years old when I was abused," said Stubblefield.

Kenny tells WREG, He was sexually assaulted by Christopher Carwile, the youth pastor at this church.

"He made me sleep in his bed, he gave me no other option when I spent the night at his house but to sleep in his bed," said Stubblefield.

Kenny says this put him through a lot of pain but he is strong enough now to share his story.

"We didn't have many high expectations regarding our case but what we did hope and what we still hope will happen is that other victims will come forward and say 'I was abused by Chris,'" said Stubblefield.