Naked carjacker explains wild ride

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MESA, Az. — Just hours after her bond was set at $50,000, a Mesa woman who was naked when she stole a sheriff’s deputy’s vehicle and led officers on a 70-mile pursuit that ended near Eloy sat down with reporters to explain what happened from her point of view.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s officials say 31-year-old Lisa Ann Luna took off her clothes while walking along a road in Gila Bend last Thursday.

During a jailhouse interview on Monday, Luna said she was trying to get to California.

After her arrest, Luna told investigators she was high on drugs and the effects caused her to steal the pickup of a deputy whom she’d told she had been sexually assaulted.

She later recanted the assault story.

When she sat down with reporters Monday, Luna said there was quite a bit of personal backstory leading up to the pursuit that eventually landed her in jail.

“I remember fainting a lot,” she said. “I remember like a lot of yelling — commotion. Like a lot of blurry in and out. … It just got out of hand really quick. … [A] lot of things went bad really quick. That’s all I remember.”

Although she told investigators she was high on drugs, Luna told reporters Monday that her troubles started days earlier when she first came into contact with her cousin. She insisted that her cousin had stolen her identity and poisoned her food.

“She had been giving me stuff that had been making me feel really weird,” she said. “I don’t know what it was.”

There’s a lot to get to the bottom of.

“I remember my skin burning,” she said, explaining what happened right before Deputy Francisco Campillo contacted her. “I remember my skin burning. Like I couldn’t, like I couldn’t handle it. Like, my skin was just on fire. … I don’t know if it was acid or what it was.”

Luna went on to explain that she was walking to California and had started in Phoenix.

As for what happened at the Shell station in Gila Bend, the 70-mile chase and the subsequent crash and arrest, she was not clear on the details.

“A lot of stuff … I don’t remember,” she said. “It’s a blur. But I remember at one point not having control. I started taking off my clothes. I felt like I was going to die.

“I wanted to let go — like I didn’t want to be here anymore,” she continued.

When asked about taking Campillo’s vehicle, Luna said again that there is much that she does not remember other than the feeling of “something else taking over.”

She emotionally talked about hearing the voices of her father and a friend, both of whom are dead, as well as the voices of others she knows, all telling her to hang on.

“I remember him trying to help me,” Luna said of Campillo. “But there was a lot of stuff I didn’t have control over. I just remember just wanting to just let go, not wanting to live. I just felt like my body was just being burned and raped repeatedly. Like it just felt unreal.”

Luna said she decided to sit down with reporters because she wanted her story — the things she alleges were done to her by her cousin — to be known.

“I don’t know who else she’s done this to,” she said. “There’s a lot to get to the bottom of.”

She also briefly alluded to things she could not discuss until she spoke with her lawyer.

Luna told reporters that while she had willingly used meth and spice in the past — drugs she initially told MCSO she had taken prior to the vehicle theft and chase — the experience was nothing like what she felt the day she was arrested.

“I’ve never gone a trip like that,” she insisted. “I’ve never felt like that before.”

While several reporters asked her directly if she had taken drugs before her encounter with Campillo, she skirted the question, reiterating her belief that her cousin had poisoned her.

“I’m not talking about anything like drugs or anything like that, I’m talking about poison,” she said.

But there was a lot of stuff I didn’t have control over. I just remember just wanting to just let go, not wanting to live. I just felt like my body was just being burned and raped repeatedly. Like it just felt unreal.
Luna wrapped up the interview with an apology to “anybody who got hurt in this,” including Campillo, whom she called “a very good m an.”

Luna remains jailed on suspicion of felony counts of endangerment, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and theft of a means of transportation.

She didn’t have an attorney at her initial court appearance and is facing a Jan. 17 preliminary hearing.