Tipton County ready for the snow

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COVINGTON, Tenn. -- Starting Thursday and again Friday morning, crews were tending the roads in Tipton County.

TDOT trucks were working Highway 51, pushing the snow off clearing the way for drivers.

On city streets, Public Works crews were also out spreading sand and salt.

Tipton County EMA Director Tommy Dunavant, who got up early to check things out, says roads started out bad.

"They were this morning, early due to the temperatures. Seem like everything that fell stuck to the roads. It was extremely slick this morning. I slid around a good bit," said Dunavant.

So the decision came early to close schools, keeping buses and kids off the roadways.

The schools were closed, but that didn't stop some kids from showing up.

The Edwards family couldn't stay away.

"We woke up this morning at 5:30 and there was no school. We said yeah...and we came out and played," said mom Lauren Edwards.

We caught them sledding down a steep slope near Brighton High School trying out their new sled.

"We just live around the corner so we chose to come to this hill. It's so big we can sled down," said father Jeremy Edwards.

Tipton County officials say most people stayed off the roads. They had only a few accidents.

Now all eyes turn to what happens overnight.

"All the agencies across the county know the temperature is gonna drop tonight so they are prepared for that. Make sure extra personnel in place," said Dunavant.

One thing the snow did cancel in Tipton County was Friday's 10th annual Sea of Blue in honor of State Trooper Calvin Jenks and other law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty.

That has been re-scheduled to January 12th.