MS vs TN: Which state treated the roads better?

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Road crews were out in force in both Mississippi and Tennessee on Friday checking for problem spots and laying down an extra layer of road treatment.

"What we use is a salt solution, is a brine solution. It works better and it works longer," said Melinda McGrath with MDOT.

In Tennessee, TDOT told WREG they use the same solution and were out pre-treating the roads as early as Thursday.

"We`ve known about it for several days now. We were able to get out and pre-treat. There wasn`t any rain that came before this event, which really helped out," said Brandon Akins with MDOT.

MDOT said they'll generally pre-treat roads depending on what the forecast looks like. In this case, they said they didn't pre-treat highways in northern Mississippi. Instead they waited for the snow to make landfall.

"The forecast was that it would be cold this morning, but there wouldn`t be any precipitation, so therefore, the pre-treatment was not placed."

In Desoto County, drivers were faced with very slick roads Friday morning.

Instead of the traditional salt brine mixture, county officials opted for a different treatment.

"We have a mix that`s called 'ag rock' which is a mix of sand and small gravel and that helps people get traction and everything," said Michael Lee with the Desoto County Board of Supervisors.

"So this really begs the question: Which state`s method of treating roads is superior?

We`re gonna leave that up to you to decide.