Drivers take it slow as snow covers Memphis roadways

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Road crews have been rolling non- stop, spewing salt and sand at every turn making sure the white blanket on the ground is covered.

"I was driving into work today behind the salt truck, there was another one going the opposite direction," said driver Justin Terry.

Public Works started dusting city streets late Thursday night but as the flurries started to stack, drivers found themselves skidding.

"I was driving right here on third street, heading to the gas station. It was slick. I could feel the brakes locking up."

The slick spots forced drivers to improvise.

"I went to the first driveway, so I just coasted to the second turn in and I was able to make it."

On Winchester, trucks took the center lane leading the way, leaving behind salt and sand to keep drivers safe.

Some drivers said Friday's slick roads aren`t too big of a deal .

"Out of the whole year we only get one day like this. It's a blessing," said Sherman Brown.

Brown said even the rough parts of steering through this snow day are worth it.

"It`s fun to me, I`m doing donuts."