Crews working to keep East Arkansas roads clear of ice and snow

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CRITTENDEN COUNTY, Ark. -- Arkansas Highway Department road crews worked in advance of Friday's snow storm prepping I-55 and I-40 so traffic would flow smoothly.

"Well, it's been cold. And today we woke up and it's the snow today and icy roads and slow driving," said Lonnie Dunbar.

Their efforts are helping the Dunbar family, from Virginia, complete their road trip to California after spending the night in Memphis.

"We think it will get better. We're excited about. We're excited about our road trip, our family road trip," said Dunbar.

But on less traveled county roads there are bigger problems as dangerous conditions still exist.

So scraper trucks have been rolling non stop trying to keep surfaces safe for drivers.

Jack Pensoneau from Prairie Du Rocher, Illinois, said driving in wintry weather is a matter of common sense.

"Take your time, be slow and drive to the conditions," he said.

For those having to get out Friday there was no escaping one fact.

"It's pretty frigid!"

Kerry Tucker, of Crawfordsville, ventured out to the Circle N Market, but is being extra cautious.

"Keeping safe on the roads, making sure everything is out of the way and drive safely," she said.

Folks avoiding traffic and getting ready for another round of bitter temperatures kept business brisk at the Circle N Market on Highway 64.

"We've seen a lot of business. More than I expected coming in for hot food. We have plenty of hot chocolate, coffee, snacks, beer, eggs, milk. We have everything," said Elisa Marconi, Mgr. Circle N Market.

Not everyone is bummed out by the weather. Just ask Nancy Sparks of Marion, Arkansas.

"A snow day!"

Sparks is a teacher and actually looks forward to the cold weather.

"I enjoy a little cold snap every now and then. But after a few weeks or so I'll be ready for it to warm up again," said Sparks.