Texan celebrates 100 by jumping out of plane

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TEXAS -- "I'm ready."

Most 100-year-olds don't celebrate their birthday like this, but then again Al Blaschke isn't like most.

"I can't keep up with him," said Blaschke's son, David.

This time, Blaschke hurdled out of a plane at 120 miles per hour in a tandem skydive.

"A lot more air in my system then I expected to get," he said. "I saw more than I thought I would with my eyes."

In fact, the thrill-seeker said he'd do it again.

"It was short, it was too short."

Part of the thrill in his sky-high adventure-- taking the plunge with close friend Betty Schleder.

"Al was asked to skydive about three years ago, and after agreeing, he quickly changed his mind, and said, 'No, I think I'll wait til' I'm 100.' He was making long-range plans at the age of 97."

And at 100, he promised much more to come but next time with family in tow.

"Ready to do it four more years from now, when my grandsons, twin grandsons graduate from college, I'll do it again."