Pittsburgh baby born in car dealership bathroom

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PITTSBURGH -- It was Monday night at the #1 Cochran Nissan of South Hills.

A Harrisville couple will leave the showroom with an up-to-date, 2017 model. They had brought their brand new pickup truck in for servicing, and they wound up getting more service than they had ever bargained for.

The story begins when 24-year-old Amanda Sherman makes a stop in the ladies room.

“After using the bathroom,” she recalls, “that’s when I realized I was having a baby.”

“Somebody came into the service room and says, ‘Hey, somebody’s wife is delivering a baby in the bathroom!’” Adam Sherman said.

“They came in for routine service,” said General Sales Manager Brett Lewis. “Adam was in the back, getting his car handled, and next thing you know, we had a baby on our hands.”

Actually, newborn Heather was in her mother’s arms. Amanda sent her husband an urgent text.

And then, he says, “I walk in, and there’s the baby. And I’m like, we’re done!”

An employee and a nurse who happened to be there helped out, while other employees took care of the couple’s energetic son, 14-month-old A.J.

Amanda says her husband also had a job to do.

“He called an ambulance, and they said, find something to tie the umbilical cord off with,” she said.

Adam takes up the story from there.

“I pulled my shoelace out, and tied the umbilical cord with my shoelace,” he said.

After a night at Magee-Womens Hospital, little Heather and her mom are home. The mother of the “bathroom baby” is flushed with pride.

“She’s beautiful,” Amanda says.