Northern Mississippi readies for possible snow

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HORN LAKE, Miss. -- Mermeond Brown didn't mind his evening shift organizing carts outside the Horn Lake Kroger Thursday night, despite temperatures dipping in to the low 30s as the Mid-South readied for a winter weather blast.

“As long as I got my gloves and my hoodie and all this stuff, I’m straight!”

But, imagine if you just moved here from San Diego, California, like Abel Lopez and his family.

“We're not too good right now. I brought the wrong sweater. I feel like I have to go to Burlington Coat Factory right now and change my whole wardrobe,”

DeSoto County Officials said they were ready for whatever comes.

At the DeSoto County Department of Road Management, officials said they have crews on call and trucks available.

“We have a mix that’s called 'ag rock' which is a mix of sand and small gravel and that helps people get traction and everything,” said Michael Lee, president of the DeSoto County Board of Supervisors. "Our firetrucks are ready. Our emergency medical vehicles and ambulances [are ready]. Seems people get out in it and we have more wrecks. Other than that, we're asking people if you don’t have to get out in it and its bad enough to where they don’t have to get in it, then don’t."

The Mississippi Department of Transportation handles interstates and bridges.

MDOT officials said their crews were ready too, though they didn't want alarm people.

"We are not expecting this weather to affect the roads in DeSoto/Marshall Counties and all the other counties in north Mississippi," MDOT's Jason Scott said. “Right now were just watching the weather and taking it hour by hour.”

Still, they reminded drivers to avoid the roads in the early morning hours if they can.

That left parents like Takindra Collins wondering whether school buses would be out in the morning.

She bet they would.

DeSoto County school officials said they'd announce school status Friday morning before 5:30.

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