Girl raped, discovered in underwear near local school

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "All of sudden we just heard banging on our door."

Cardell Orrin said that banging woke him up from a sound sleep one night back in November.

"We went out and looked and it was someone screaming 'Just let me in. Can you help me?'"

Orrin looked out and saw a girl stripped down to her underwear. He said she looked like she was in middle or high school.

"Found out she was dropped off after being assaulted. She`d beat on other doors and not been let in -- nobody helped her."

Orrin thought of his own daughter who was sleeping soundly upstairs as he tried to comfort the student.
She claimed she was picked up near Hamilton High, raped and then dropped off near his home.

Family members said the girl usually walks home from school with her sister, but on that day, she walked home alone. They had not heard from her until midnight when she showed up on a strangers door step.

"She grabbed hold of me until the police and her family came."

Orrin said that late night knock on the door was a wake up call for him. It pushed him to press police and schools to make sure a walk home from school doesn't place any student in harm's way.