Coldwater High remains open, but some still unhappy

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COLDWATER, Miss. -- A diploma from Coldwater High has become a family tradition for George Forest.

"From my children to my grandchildren."

And now future generations of the Forest family after a federal judge ruled in December the school would have to stay open. But many in Coldwater are still upset that at the start of the school year, extracurricular activities were gutted.

"And just broke the heart of the children. We one game from going to the state," said Winston King. "It was real wrong. It hurt me real bad."

Over the phone, Tate County Schools Superintendent Daryl Scoggin refused to explain the district's reasoning for wanting to close Coldwater and for scrapping activities, but did say the school will comply with the judge's order.

"We have no confidence that they will do anything in terms of what`s right and legal. We think that they will look for other avenues in which to do the same kinds of things they`ve done all along," said Dr. Jessie Edwards with the Save Our School Committee.

He said the district's move was discriminatory because it forced students who wanted to play sports to transfer to other schools.

"We feel that no school board or nobody should be able to discriminate publicly with malice and malicious intent."