Senior citizens fed up with elevator issues at Memphis apartment complex

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- Twelve floors and twelve flights of stairs. Residents living at Glendale Park Apartments are left making a grueling trek because the elevators aren’t working.

"When I moved here, they said they were going to get it fixed, but they aint did it yet," said Robert Walker.

Ten months ago Robert walker moved in to the apartments. Apartment managers admit the elevators have been malfunctioning for more than a year. WREG spoke to a former resident who moved out because he feared the building wasn't safe for the senior citizens and disabled residents who call it home.

"Seniors, something happen you can’t get down," said the resident.

"I moved out, I can’t walk down no stairs, both my knees are fake," he added.

Even with a foot amputation Walker isn't ready to leave his apartment unit but he does want a working elevator.

"I got my foot cut off and its sore when I walk on it hurts bad," added Walker.

He must take his time getting up four flights of stairs, on one foot. He uses his walker to guide him but wishes the yellow barricade blocking the elevator was gone for good.

"When I walk on this thing it hurts bad but I gotta do it," said Walker.

Property managers would not go on camera and they asked us to leave the property however they would tell WREG that they do have new owners and they are working to fix the elevator issues.

For now residents hope that Glendale park makes good on their promise.