Man files lawsuit after being ticketed in Holly Springs

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HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. -- Robert Herron has always considered himself a safe driver, so when he got a ticket in Holly Springs back in September he was more than a little upset.

"$210," he said. "I had never received an improper passing ticket. Not on my record nowhere, and that was just like an insult to me."

Here's the problem: that illegal lane change he allegedly made- well, where's the lane?

"How can you justify giving me an improper passing when there are no lines and I follow all the procedures, you know?"

The paint was worn and faded for a good stretch of Martin Luther King Jr. Drive.

There were also cracks and other damage.

"There`s a big hole over there. It just looks ridiculous."

Herron sued the City of Holly Springs last month.

"If we gonna name a street or a road or a drive after Dr. Martin Luther King, it need to be properly maintained."

The lawsuit claimed that by not repairing MLK Drive, the city is violating state law.

We called the Holly Spring's mayor's office, but an aid referred us to the city attorney.

We called multiple times, but did not hear back from her by the time the story aired.

The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages and also a court order saying the road has to be improved.