‘It hurts’: Heartbroken mother prays for justice after daughter murdered

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- "To hold your child, in your arms while she`s dead and you can`t do anything -- it hurts."

Just two days into the new year, a heartbroken mother is left drenched in tears asking why.

"I left to go to the store. She said 'Where are you going?' When I got back she was gone," said Latoya Tatum

Tatum`s 18-year-old daughter Kiara was hit and killed by a stray bullet not even one mile from her childhood home.

"She gets killed in the neighborhood where she grew up. Everybody knew 'Nu Nu.'"

Police said Kiara was walking with friends when a white car pulled onto Aloha Street and someone started shooting.

Her death marks the first homicide for 2017.

"I couldn`t be there to protect her yesterday-- it hurts."

This mother knows she can`t do anything to bring her daughter back but she`s hoping for justice.

"Please turn yourself in."

On Monday, those who loved Kiara gathered to remember her.