Bartlett police report several cars broken into in recent weeks

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BARTLETT, Tenn. -- Bartlett Police say several cars have been broken into over the past few weeks.

“Normally this is a really quiet neighborhood," said Bryan Whitehead who lives near Christina Wood Drive.

But it’s one of several areas that’s been targeted by thieves. Police said a wallet, phone and cards were recently stolen from a truck parked in a driveway.

“I was unaware of such a close proximity," said Eric Coleman when hearing about the crimes in his neighborhood.

Reports have taken place all over Bartlett, like on Bridgestone Circle where police say a loaded gun and a watch were stolen from a car.

“We have a set of folks that think it's okay to step out do these such things, to take from others even at a time of, what should be a time of festive holiday season," said Coleman.

Bartlett police say there are usually more car break-ins this time of year due to more people being out and about along with people not being diligent about locking their cars.

“We’re not prone to that type of activity, so yes, people kind of let their guard down," said Whitehead.

Bartlett police said after seeing more reports of car break-ins, they want the public to be on alert, noting the majority of cars broken into were left unlocked.

“We moved out here to try and get away from it, but you can’t run from it," said Whitehead.

All you can do is take steps to protect your belongings and hope the deeper issues behind crime can find relief.

“We have some work to do in the community to heal some of the things that are wrong," said Coleman.

Police want to remind you to always clear your seats and lock your car whenever you leave it.