Man shot while walking down the street with dog

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. --Police are trying to find the person who killed a man in Highland Heights while out walking his dog.

Neighbors told WREG's Melissa Moon they heard gunshots at around 3 a.m. but the victim's body wasn't discovered until 7:30 in front of the blue house at Powell and North Holmes.

Authorities said the man's body was found on the sidewalk behind several trash bags.

"Whatever happened he had to be there overnight. He didn`t even make home last night. He didn`t come home."

The said the young man they all knew as "Big Juicy" had been walking his dog and may have been headed to a friend's home when he was shot.

"The dog leash and collar was still his hand."

WREG was told the dog is okay. He reportedly showed up at a neighbor's home a few doors down.

Police would not give a motive for the shooting, but the victim's friends said he was not someone who got into trouble.

"Juicy don`t do ****. He walks his dog. ****. He`s a dog lover. That`s it."

They said it's possible he was shot over that dog -- a blue pit bull.

"I don`t think the dog just pulled out of the collar. I think they tried to take the dog and they couldn`t get the dog and that`s what happened."

This is the city's 226th homicide of 2016.