Dad whose daughter died in Mississippi patrol car upset over message about visiting daughter’s grave

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HANCOCK COUNTY, Miss. — A man still mourning the loss of his 3-year-old daughter now had to deal with a request from the man who was with his ex at the time she died.

Cheyenne Hyer died in October after being left in her mom’s patrol car. While Cheyenne was in the car, the mom, Cassie Barker, was with another officer, Clark Ladner, for four hours.

According to WLOX, earlier this month Ladner messaged Ryan Hyer, Cheyenne’s dad and Barker’s ex, and asked where Cheyenne was buried so he could visit her.

Ladner said if Ryan told him the address of the grave, he wouldn’t tell Barker, who was charged with manslaughter for Cheyenne’s death.

“I just want to make the trip myself and be near my little friend one more time,” he wrote.

Ladner also said he didn’t know the little girl was in the car but would have done something if he did.

Hyer said he doesn’t trust him, and he refuses to let him know where his daughter is buried.

“I’m still angry about it, and there ain’t no way in hell I would give him the address or tell him where she’s buried. If anything, I think he should be involved in the whole prosecution,” Hyer told WLOX. “God says you’re supposed to forgive and I can’t right now.”