Terrifying surveillance video captures Mid-South store under siege

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BATESVILLE, Miss. -- Surveillance video captured a Batesville convenience store under siege.

Sabina Young was ending her shift, counting her drawer when in mere seconds masked men, guns drawn, commandeered the place.

"Is it real? Or what? What do we need to do, you know? " explained Young on Tuesday night.

The video showed the hooded suspects pull another terrified employee, Danyelle Pittman, from the back of the store and grab cash from the open register.

However it's not enough and the suspects motion for Young to get them more money from a second unopened register.

She said at one point they even had the audacity to reference the holidays.

"It's Christmas time, using profanity language and stuff, ya'll got it. You're right here on the intersection line," she said.

As hard as they tried, the women couldn't get the second register open. One suspect became irate and hit Young in the head before finally taking off.

Thankfully she's physically okay.

"At the moment we were nervous and can't move and stuff like that," she said.

Young, understandably, has been shaken since last week's hold up.

On Tuesday, it was business as usual for the two women at Powell's Country Liquor at Mt. Olivet Road and Highway 6 East.

Batesville Police said they have stepped up patrols.

"We're constantly in that area day in and day out but we have increased as far as our business, extra patrols through the holidays," said Deputy Police Chief Jimmy McCloud.

While the women are still on edge, they're grateful.

"It could've been our life and I thank God today ya know?" said Young.

The Batesville Police Department said they need the public's help tracking down the two wanted criminals.

They said even the slightest bit of information could make all the difference.

If you have any information give them a call at (662) 563-5653.

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